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Donation Management

Donation Management

Our survey results revealed that approximately 1 out of every 4 pledgers fail to fulfill their pledges when pledges are not processed at the time of fund-raising when pledgers make their pledges.

MasjidCRM helps you not only get donations using wall-mounted kiosks but process pledges right at the time of fund-raising when pledges were made.

A small monthly subscription paid to MasjidCRM can help you raise additional funds during a fund raising getting money in your account right away!

Masjid Management

Masjid Management

MasjidCRM offers several modules to help you manage often overlooked but very valuable areas for as low as $10/Month per module! Listed below are some of the modules currently available:

- Stock/Inventory Management
- Audio/Video Library Management
- Imam’s Corner with Friday Sermons and
  General Lectures Planning & Management
- Community Outreach/Dawah Management
- Events and Volunteers Management
- Rooms & Resources Reservation, and more!

School Management

School Management

What started as Quranic Education Management application couple years back is a complete learning management system now covering all four types of schools you might be running:

- Hifz/Nazirah School
- Sunday/Weekend School
- Individual Classes/Programs
- Higher Education (Degree/Certificate) Programs

Modules are available for a low monthly subscription starting as low as $20/Month per Module!


Education Management
Donations & Fundraisings Management
Community Outreach Programs
Volunteers Management
Library Management
Events and Programs Management
Stock/Inventory Management
Imam's Corner


Education Management

Starting at only $20/Month per Module!


Hifz/Nazirah School

Professional Education/COURSES

Higher Education CLASSES

Education Module :
$/ Month

Donation Management

For only $50/Month + $10/Month per Kiosk!

Donations & Payments Collection

Donations & Payments Distribution

Donation Kiosks Multi-Purposing

Fundraising Management

Donation Kiosks :
$/ Month


Free Modules For Limited Time Offer!

Imam's Corner

Rooms/Resources Management

Media Library Management

Community Outreach

Classified Ads & Businesses Directory

$/ Month


Only pay for the modules you need!

Books/Library Management

Stocks/Inventory Management

Volunteers Management

Events Management

Communication Management

Interactive Reporting Dashboard

ADDITIONAL Module 2/2 :
$/ Month


Donations Management

Includes: Donations Management using web browsers

Add-On: Ability to collect Donations through Kiosks.

Hardware Cost (One-Time):

$550 per Kiosk (Wall Mounted or Hand-Held)

Monthly Subscription Cost:
  • Wall Mounted Kiosks: $20 per Kiosk
  • Hand-Held Kiosks: $20 per Kiosk

Hand-Held Kiosks are wireless kiosks (5” Screen). You can connect to HotSpot and process payments on the go. Screen can be switched to make them work like payment terminals, donation kiosks, or pledge recording devices during fund-raising events.

Quranic Education Management

Includes: Quranic Ed. Management (Limit: 100 Students)

Add-On: Credit cards processing & Text Messaging.

Student Tiers per Module:
  • 1 – 100 Students: Included in Base Plan
  • 101 – 250 Students: Base Plan + $20/Month
  • 251 – 500 Student: Base Plan + $50/Month
  • > 500 Students: Base Plan + $100/Month
For an Additional $10/Month (per Module):

You can process credit card payments from within education management modules and have the ability to communicate with parents or students using MasjidCRM text messaging service.

Sunday School Management

Includes: Sunday/Weekend School Management (Limit: 100 Students)

Add-On: Credit cards processing & Text Messaging

Higher Education Management

Includes: Higher Ed. Management (Limit: 100 Students)

Add-On: Credit cards processing & Text Messaging

Professional Education Management

Includes: Individual Courses Mgmt. (Up To 10 Courses/Year)

Add-On: Credit cards processing & Text Messaging

For an Additional $10/Month:

You can process payments from within the application and communicate with students using MasjidCRM text messaging service

Membership Management

Includes: Membership Management (Limit: 250 Members)

Add-On: Paid membership plans, credit cards processing and text messaging.

Pricing Tiers (Members Count):
  • 1 – 250 Members: Included in Base Plan
  • 251 – 500 Members: Base Plan + $10/Month
  • 501 – 1,000 Members: Base Plan + $25/Month
  • > 1,000 Members: Base Plan + $50/Month
For an Additional $10/Month:

Manage paid memberships, take credit card payments from paying members, have the ability to communicate with members using text messaging service, etc.

Events Planning and Management

Includes: Basic Events Management + Events Registration

Add-On: Events Planning, Collaboration workflow and text messaging

For an Additional $30/Month:

Plan for events creating your own events management team per event, assign tasks, keep track of tasks, communicate via Smartphone App or Text Messaging service from MasjidCRM.

Volunteers Management

Includes: Volunteers Management using Web Browsers

Add-On: Volunteers Registration from Smartphone App

For an Additional $10/Month:

Have smartphone users find volunteering opportunities and sign-up as volunteer from within MasjidCRM Smartphone App.

Inventory, Rooms, and Resources Management

Includes: Inventory Management, and Rooms/Resources Rentals/Management

Add-On: Users ability to reserve/rent items from Smartphone App

For an Additional $10/Month:

Have App users find available rooms/items for rent, and apply for rental from within Smartphone App.

Smartphone App (Android & iOS)
$20/Month or FREE*

Includes: Donate option within the App, Prayer Timings and Push Notifications

Add-On: Student Registrations, Event Registrations, ability to check fee status or make payments.

For an Additional $10/Month:

Have users find/register for events, check fee status, pay Sunday School/Quranic Education/etc fees from within the App itself.

*FREE Smartphone App for customers paying $50/Month or more


Maximum Subscription = $300/Month*

50% OFF for Islamic Centers in DFW Area**

50% OFF when switching to MasjidCRM**


Personal Information


MasjidCRM is the latest in a series of products our team has developed since 2008. The term "Serial Entrepreneur" correctly describes us since we currently own and operate several B2B/B2C applications for Talent Management, Life Sciences, and Healthcare industries including a business-critical application for pathology labs.

MasjidCRM has a special place in our hearts, however, and we have made every possible effort for MasjidCRM product to reflect our commitment to the cause. It is the most valuable contribution our team has ever made towards helping Masajid or Islamic Centers. MasjidCRM application has specifically been written for Masajid and Islamic Centers, and is based on an enterprise-class technical design with highest level of quality and information security one can expect. MasjidCRM is the only application in entire world covering almost all areas of a Masjid and Islamic Center, and doing so with four levels of information security with an option for super admin to encrypt individual member's information from module admins!

We are hoping MasjidCRM is going to raise the bar for all vendors, and help Masajid and Islamic Centers establish standards for future product owners planning to serve Muslim community especially when it comes to member's privacy and information security.

What Makes Us Different?

WHY MasjidCRM?

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